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November 30, 2004


Leo Kottke Bio - Article
Interesting article on Leo Kottke who we saw in concert last year.

CNN - Your Command - Video
Commercials playing on CNN - kinda funny.

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November 29, 2004


Dokaka - Audio
Japanese kid who recreates songs.

Target Wake-Up Call Movies - Video
The videos of the Target wake-up call commercials.

The Great Indecency Hoax - Article
Great article about the recent (fake) furor over racy television.

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November 23, 2004


12Many - Game
How good is your visual recollection?

Food Without Fear - Article
An article about how organic foods are evil. Or is it the other way around - I forget. ;)

Dolphins Save Humans From Shark Attack - Article
What a great story! Gotta love those dolphins...

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November 22, 2004


More Relief For struggling Millionaires - Article
Latest proposal from the Bush camp. Get the free day pass by watching a 20-second ad to view the full article.

Arizona Living - Cool Item
We're buying this place. End of discussion.

Radisson Wine Tower - Article
4000 bottles of wine in a tower - cool!

Entire Criterion Set - Cool Item
YES!!! This is #1 on my Christmas list!!!!!!!!!

Frontline - Walmart - Video
Frontline recently did a piece about Walmart. Entire episode is available to watch online.

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November 18, 2004


Casshern - Trailer
Cool Japanese movie already out on DVD. But not here.

Twin Cities As A Base For Super-Heroes - Article
How would Spider Man do in the Twin Cities?

Make Your Own Mech - Site
Not bad - must be cool to walk around in.

The City Stole My Car - Article
The fines may suck, but the alternative really sucks.

Posted by brian at 09:46 AM

November 16, 2004


Bush Mangling English - Article
Bush and Blair mangling English. Duh.

Condi Rice Is Angry - Site
Haha - collection of angry Rice pictures.

New Minneapolis Condo Buildings - Article
I like the idea of new architecture - I hope this becomes easier to develop here.

Ramen in New York - Article
Let's go to Japan and have the ramen! Actually, we'll do a 10 month whirlwind Asia tour - sound good?

40 AIBO! - Article
You'll have to tell me what this says - it's in French.

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November 11, 2004


Full Body X-ray at Airports - Article
I'm almost surprised this isn't already around.

Singles Shopping at WalMart Article

Book Store Organizes Shelves By Color - Article
Cool art project - would be cool to see.

Nation's Poor Win Election For Nation's Rich - Article
It may be satire, but it's not too far from the truth.

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November 08, 2004


Cholesterol-Lowering Beer - Article
Cool - hopefully this succeeds.

The Decline of Brands - Article
Interesting article on the changing face of branding and loyalty.

10 x 10 - Cool Site
Scans text in top news stories for top 100 words and displays images associated with those words.

New Digital Passport - Article
A new digitized passport is on the way. Although it's going to cost $5-$10 more than the current one.

Best Buy and Flexible Hours - Article
Best Buy implementing new flexible hours - wish they had this when I worked there!

Posted by brian at 08:18 AM

November 04, 2004


Leopard Slug Mating - Images
Wow - what an amazing, intricate mating ritual.

Blendie 2000 - Video
Straight from the labs at MIT - a voice controlled blender. A must-see video.

10 Things Chinese Do Better Than We Do - Article
Remember when I was telling you what I wished traffic lights would do? China already has them! Lots of other cool things listed in this article.

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November 03, 2004


Time-Lapse Lunar Eclipse - Image
Cool photo of the recent lunar eclipse. Sucks that the next one isn't until 2007.

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November 01, 2004


Couple's Loan Soars From 5,750 To 384,000 - Article
Wow - those late fees are a killer!

Just Around The Corner - Article
A novel concept for a restaurant - no prices on the menu.

Posted by brian at 10:05 AM