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December 06, 2004


French Fatigue Over Da Vinci Code - Article
They're getting sick of "Da Vinci Code" tourists!

Cartoon Skeletal Systems - Images
What would Hello Kitty's skeleton look like? That's the idea behind these renderings of skeletons of famous cartoon characters.

Turn The Pages - Site
Very cool - view some great printed books online. A weird description - but be sure to check it out. Requires Shockwave - you might have to download it.

Cluster ballooning - Site
Wow - never thought of this! I like the pictures - so colorful!

Live to 1000 - Article
The first person to live to 1000 could be 60 today.

Viral Marketing - Article
Great Times article on viral marketing. I almost want to be a BzzAgent!

Posted by brian at December 6, 2004 09:52 AM