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December 28, 2004


Bacon MMan - Article
This guy eats a bacon sandwich EVERY day and has done so all his life. Doctors say he's healthy. Crazy!

Shortest Measurement of Time - Article
What is the shortest span of time we can accurately measure? Also - did you know that the electron of a hydrogen atom circles its proton about 1 quadrillion (1015) times a second?? Wow!

Ticking Time Bomb - Article
A big burp of methane might be in the cards that could spell the doom for all of us is the temperatures continue to rise.

Kari Wuhrer Breast Implant Diary - Article
Interesting 4 page diary by actress Kari Wuhrer and her decision to have her implants removed.

Firefox Nutrition Plug-In - Site
Search for nutrition information on any food right from the browser!

The Oh-My-God Particle - Article
A super particle has been discovered that has an amazing amount of energy and travels at the speed of light. Wow!!

Posted by brian at December 28, 2004 11:36 AM