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December 29, 2004


Opt Out - Useful Site
Use this form to get off the list of receiving pre-approved credit card offers by mail. Saw this on the Federal Trade Commission website.

Gervais Writing A Simpsons Episode - Article
You haven't seen the series The Office yet but I thought I would post this here anyway.

Overpackaging - Images
A tiny product shipped in a huge box. Such a waste.

Sun Fish - Images
Wow - didn't know that they could get so HUGE!

Chemical Brothers Video - Video
Kung-Fu style. Cool mod of an old Kung-Fu flick! (Don't miss the Eurostar vid either!)

Posted by brian at 01:26 PM

December 28, 2004


Bacon MMan - Article
This guy eats a bacon sandwich EVERY day and has done so all his life. Doctors say he's healthy. Crazy!

Shortest Measurement of Time - Article
What is the shortest span of time we can accurately measure? Also - did you know that the electron of a hydrogen atom circles its proton about 1 quadrillion (1015) times a second?? Wow!

Ticking Time Bomb - Article
A big burp of methane might be in the cards that could spell the doom for all of us is the temperatures continue to rise.

Kari Wuhrer Breast Implant Diary - Article
Interesting 4 page diary by actress Kari Wuhrer and her decision to have her implants removed.

Firefox Nutrition Plug-In - Site
Search for nutrition information on any food right from the browser!

The Oh-My-God Particle - Article
A super particle has been discovered that has an amazing amount of energy and travels at the speed of light. Wow!!

Posted by brian at 11:36 AM

December 27, 2004


Frozen Pea Processing - Article
How peas go from field to freezer. Very detailed and interesting.

Unlikely Stories of 2004 - Article
Collection of some of the more unusual stories from the year.

Antanas Mockus Profile - Article
Very interesting article about the Mayor of Bogota and his unorthodox tactics.

Posted by brian at 12:21 PM

December 21, 2004


Bewitching Animation - Site
I stared at this thing for a while today. A long while.

Posted by brian at 11:18 AM

December 20, 2004


ASIMO Running - Video
Video of Honda's ASIMO robot running - a new feature it has. I keep chuckling over the walk to run transition.

How The Sci Fi Channel Wrecked My Books - Article
Interesting article from the Earthsea author about the adaptation of her books to TV.

Posted by brian at 09:45 AM

December 16, 2004


How Iran Will Fight Back - Article
Interesting article on Iran and what could result from the Israel/U.S. push for war with them.

Freeboard - Video - Direct Link
Freeboard - snowboarding on pavement. Looks dangerous but fun.

Ask Crystal - Video
Like the Subservient Chicken - ask her anything! Kinda funny.

Chin Christmas Carols - Video
These chins will sing you whatever Christmas carol you type in!

Name Popularity - Site
How popular has your name been over the past 100 years? This site graphs it out. Cool!

Posted by brian at 08:49 AM

December 15, 2004


Dollar Bill As Art - Site
Pretty cool - painting art onto a $1 bill.

Dialect Map - Site
Map of the dialects in use in the country and specifics on each.

Floating Logos - Pics
Cool photo project - pictures of signs with the poles digitally removed.

Gallery of Fluid Motion - Video
Remember the ball bearing landing in the sand video? This explains the physics of it. Plus 3 others. Very cool!

George Bush Seminar - Site
Check out the name of the seminar. Ha!

Think Big - Video
Milk can do a lot for the body - but it might not be able to do the impossible. Funny commercial.

Posted by brian at 09:06 AM

December 10, 2004


Mash-Up Live Rock Band - Audio
Wow - really cool. A live mash-up rock band.

King of Audio - Item
Cool! I want this! We could put it in the living room and name it something. "This is Frank - King of Audio!"

Google Suggest - Site
Predictive searching with Google. Cool!

Bye-bye Atkins! - Article
Looks like the low carb fad is on the way out. Yay!

Saab + iPod - Article
Looks like Saab is going to start offering iPod interfaces in their new cars.

New Westfalia Concept - Image
Cool concept for a new Volkswagen Westfalia.

Tallest Building To Be Built - Article
Wow - they're going to beat the current tallest building by 1000ft!

Posted by brian at 09:05 AM

December 09, 2004


Crazy Pong - Video - Direct Link
Wow - amazing ping pong action.

Extreme Hang Gliding - Video
Cool - I want one! Where can I buy one? Must. Have.

Science Songs - Audio
These songs rock! I'm filling up my iPod with them.

Traffic Light Dishes - Site
Cool - let's get a set!

Posted by brian at 10:55 AM

December 08, 2004


Evil SUVs - Article
Very good article/book review about SUVs, the people that drive them and the dangers involved. Stupid big SUVs!

North Korean PhyEd Dance Video - Video
You HAVE to teach this class at the club. With this music.

MultiBabel - Site
Enter a phrase, run it through multiple translations and see what it comes up with. Excellent.

Posted by brian at 09:16 AM

December 07, 2004


Portrait Illustrator - Site
Make a graphical representation of yourself!

Our First Home - Site
I say we build or buy one of these for our first home!!!!!!!

The Elegant Universe - Video
Complete 3 hour series based on the book by Brian Greene.

Bird Technology - Video
Fly with an eagle!

Posted by brian at 11:01 AM

December 06, 2004


French Fatigue Over Da Vinci Code - Article
They're getting sick of "Da Vinci Code" tourists!

Cartoon Skeletal Systems - Images
What would Hello Kitty's skeleton look like? That's the idea behind these renderings of skeletons of famous cartoon characters.

Turn The Pages - Site
Very cool - view some great printed books online. A weird description - but be sure to check it out. Requires Shockwave - you might have to download it.

Cluster ballooning - Site
Wow - never thought of this! I like the pictures - so colorful!

Live to 1000 - Article
The first person to live to 1000 could be 60 today.

Viral Marketing - Article
Great Times article on viral marketing. I almost want to be a BzzAgent!

Posted by brian at 09:52 AM

December 03, 2004


China's Megamall - Article
Bigger than the MOA but no one is buying anything.

Levels of Hospital Care - Article
Good article on medicine's bell curve.

Guinness People - Article
Get a bunch of Guiness record holders together in one room and this is what it is like.

Fitness Video - Video - Direct Link
A fitness video I found online - you should do something similar!

Posted by brian at 10:26 AM

December 02, 2004


Waverly Films - Video
Cool commercials

Posted by brian at 10:15 PM

December 01, 2004


McRorie - Video
One man band! It may be a bit nerdy - but it rocks!

Ping Pong Robot - Product
#2 on my Christmas list! (Behind the Criterion collection of course!)

Company Helps Pay For Car Purchase - Article
This is awesome - more companies should do this!

Posted by brian at 09:57 AM