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January 11, 2005


Turntable Options - Site
This seems to be a very good turntable to get at a great price. Now the question is - what color?

Top 20 Movie Trailers - Site
Listing of the top 20 movie trailers. Very good stuff on here - lately I've really liked the Unleashed trailer - very emotionally effective.

Jeep Gladiator - Photos
Sweet! Something to park next to my Wrangler perhaps.

Solar Plastics - Article
Plastics that can harness more energy from the sun than current solar cells. 30% power harnessing vs. current 6%. Interesting quote: "There's enough power from the sun hitting the Earth every day to supply all the world's needs for energy 10,000 times over."

Amazing Cakes - Site
I like the clock cake the best.

Monitor Cleaning - Flash
Does your monitor need cleaning? Use this! (Warning: VERY CUTE!)

Bathtub Etiquette - Image
Japanese (I think) pamphlet on proper bathtub etiquette.

Posted by brian at January 11, 2005 01:11 PM