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January 17, 2005


Hong Kong Architecture - Photo
Cool photos of buildings in Hong Kong.

Model Road Racing - Photo
Check out this old vinyl record - sounds like an exciting recording! <--huge sarcasm

Drawing Commercial - Video - Direct Link
Very cool!

Bill Gates - Teen Beat - Photo
Check out Bill Gates - vintage 1983. As seen in Teen Beat magazine. haha

Wal-Mart Nation: The Race To The Bottom - Article
Interesting opinion article from the Seatle Times about evil Wal-Mart.

Berlin Restaurant Helping People With Eating Disorders - Article
A woman opened a restaurant in Berlin to help people with eating disorders.

Baby Hippo Befriends Tortoise - Article
Hippo loses his mother, finds a surrogate in a tortoise. Check out the picture - cute!

Flex Your Rights - Site
Citizens guide to their rights when encountered by police.

Communication Skills - Video
Great demonstration of proper communication skills

Icy Roads - Video - Direct Link
Wow - that's an icy road! The cars just keep piling up.

Posted by brian at January 17, 2005 10:03 AM