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January 25, 2005


Out Of Place - Photo
Cool Worth1000 contest - landmarks placed in a different setting.

Animated Drawing - Flash
Cool animated drawing. Tons more.

Type the following into Firefox: about:mozilla Info here.

Note to self: Download this when the new Mac arrives.

Office Olympics - Video
Funny videos here. I like the Dragostea Din Tei video.

Downhill Race - Video
Skateboard vs. 300hp car - who would win?

Patches Likes To Ride Shotgun - Video
Wow - check out this horse!

Sand Art - Video
An old link but this one works - I don't think you've seen this. Very very cool.

Close Call - Video
Wow - check out the close call with this motorcycle racer!

Matrix Pole Vault - Video
Remember the matrix ping pong video? Here's a new one.

Skydiving - Video
Sometimes it's all about the landing.

Posted by brian at January 25, 2005 01:47 PM