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January 28, 2005


Sweet Watch - Product
This watch is really cool. Here is a review.

Hiccup Training - Video

Gene Kelly Commercial - Video - Direct Link
Very updated version of the Singing In The Rain bit.

A Real Clunker - Photo
I think it's safe to assume that the vehicle is being used past it's prime operating parameters.

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January 27, 2005


Instant Petrified Wood - Article
Scientists have found a way to create petrified wood in the lab - circumventing Mother Nature's million year process.

Mt. St. Helens Time Lapse - Video - Direct Link
News report containing time lapse photos of the dome growth at Mt. St. Helens.

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January 26, 2005


Tommy Seebach - Apache - Video - Direct Link
Best. Music. Video. Ever.

Smoking? Not At This Company! - Article
It's against company policy to smoke at this company - even in your own home. I like their policy and agree with it.

Rocky Is Back! - Flash - Direct Link
None of this was setup. Funny!!

Escape From The Universe - Article
Can we escape into a parallel universe?

Worried About Baby - Article
What?!? Even though it's for real, still seems like it should be a joke.

Waxing Video - Video
Video of girls getting a waxing...down there. Nothing is shown, but interesting to see their anticipations and reactions to this. Catchy tune in the video too.

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January 25, 2005


Out Of Place - Photo
Cool Worth1000 contest - landmarks placed in a different setting.

Animated Drawing - Flash
Cool animated drawing. Tons more.

Type the following into Firefox: about:mozilla Info here.

Note to self: Download this when the new Mac arrives.

Office Olympics - Video
Funny videos here. I like the Dragostea Din Tei video.

Downhill Race - Video
Skateboard vs. 300hp car - who would win?

Patches Likes To Ride Shotgun - Video
Wow - check out this horse!

Sand Art - Video
An old link but this one works - I don't think you've seen this. Very very cool.

Close Call - Video
Wow - check out the close call with this motorcycle racer!

Matrix Pole Vault - Video
Remember the matrix ping pong video? Here's a new one.

Skydiving - Video
Sometimes it's all about the landing.

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January 24, 2005


89.3 Launched Today! - Article
MPR's new station is now on the air.

Enomatic Wine Dispenser - Site
Very cool - it's a dispenser that can hold up to 16 wine bottles and includes a card reader for self-service usage.. Keeps wine fresh for 3 weeks.

Movie Trailers - Site
Here's an additional source of movie trailers for us to check out.

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January 23, 2005


Cat Reaction - Video
Good video of a cat's reaction speed. This page might have obnoxious ads though.

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January 21, 2005


Scan Gauge - Product
Cool - I can add a computer to my Jeep! Yeah yeah, I know - you already have one in your Saab. But this can display things yours can't - like Ignition Timing! Wooooo!

Korg Oasys Workstation - Product
Wow - check this keyboard out! It runs on Linux, 16 track HD audio recording, 10.4" touchscreen, cd burner. Don't worry - my current set-up rocks - I'm not looking to buy this. Yet. ;)

Tiger Woods - Practicing On A HeliPad - Photo
Wow - very cool! Tiger practicing at that really cool hotel in Dubai.

WWWalk - Site
This guy is walking around the world to promote peace and non-violence. Very cool.

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January 20, 2005


Internet - Something New! - Video
There's a new thing called the Internet. It's an old video - very funny now.

Extreme Hacky Sack - Video
Wow - incredible moves.

Missing A Ski Jump - Video - Direct Link
Not sure if this will direct link properly. Funny video though. Guy wasn't hurt at all.

Fun fact: A cubic mile of ordinary fog contains less than a gallon of water.

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January 19, 2005


Michelin Tweel - Article
Official press release on the Tweel that was in a prior link. Be sure to check out the photo gallery - the photo of the car driving down the road looks so different with the Tweel.

B-Movie Monsters and Science - Article
The scientific facts behind the possibilities of B-Movie Monsters. Great article.

Crease Patterns - Site
Origami patterns. Really cool stuff - I love the frog the most.

Jeep Hurricane - Article
I've changed my mind - THIS is my next vehicle!!!!

Auto Show Concept Cars - Photo
Galleries of the concept cars from the 2005 Detroit Auto Show

Car Gets Stolen, Guy Hangs On - Article
If my car got stolen I would never do this. Unbelievable story though.

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January 18, 2005


Yahoo Video Search - Site
Sweet! Yahoo has a video search!

Colonel Blimp - Video
Directory of music video directors. Some good stuff in here.

Picasso At Costco - Site
Sooooo...Costco is now an art dealer. Do I have to be a member to buy?

Wire Sculpture - Site
Check out the Sculpture link - she does wire sculptures of the human form.

Phone Spelling - Site
What are the spelling possibilities of your phone number? Plug it in and find out here.

Inaugural Recipes - PDF - Direct Link
A PDF containing the recipes for the dishes being served at the Inaugural Luncheon. I say we make the first one!!!!

PBF Archive Site
Archive of PBF cartoons. Some of them may be offensive but there are some really great comics in here.

Coming To Terms With New Hands - Article
Wow - never thought of this. What are the psychological ramifications if you get an arm transplant?

100 Terabyte 3.5" Discs - Article
Wow - 100 terabyte discs??? I can believe that someday that will seem small.

Posted by brian at 02:22 PM

January 17, 2005


Hong Kong Architecture - Photo
Cool photos of buildings in Hong Kong.

Model Road Racing - Photo
Check out this old vinyl record - sounds like an exciting recording! <--huge sarcasm

Drawing Commercial - Video - Direct Link
Very cool!

Bill Gates - Teen Beat - Photo
Check out Bill Gates - vintage 1983. As seen in Teen Beat magazine. haha

Wal-Mart Nation: The Race To The Bottom - Article
Interesting opinion article from the Seatle Times about evil Wal-Mart.

Berlin Restaurant Helping People With Eating Disorders - Article
A woman opened a restaurant in Berlin to help people with eating disorders.

Baby Hippo Befriends Tortoise - Article
Hippo loses his mother, finds a surrogate in a tortoise. Check out the picture - cute!

Flex Your Rights - Site
Citizens guide to their rights when encountered by police.

Communication Skills - Video
Great demonstration of proper communication skills

Icy Roads - Video - Direct Link
Wow - that's an icy road! The cars just keep piling up.

Posted by brian at 10:03 AM

January 16, 2005


International Commercials - Video
Check out the 2 Pepsi Max commercials - FUNNY!

Letterman Top 10 - Video
As read by Napoleon Dynamite

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January 14, 2005


Apple Tipping Point - Article
Cool graphic/article showing the tipping point for Apple and how they have achieved it with the iPod Shuffle and Mac Mini.

Sunlight Is Dimming - Article
We have lost 22% of sunlight in the last 50 years - scary!

Another Turntable Option - Site
This is cheaper than the other turntable but seems to offer really good value. From this site.

Wal-Mart Campaign Doubted - Article
WalMart just launched an ad campaign intending to make them seem like a great low-wage employer. Great quote in the article: "You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear."

Average Home Food Costs - Chart - PDF
Chart listing average weekly and monthly food costs for various levels of families. I think mine is definitely towards the thrifty end of the scale.

Various Film Files - Video
Polish website listing many video files including Weird Al videos! Check out "George Lucas In Love"

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January 13, 2005


Happy Anniversary sweetie! 1.5 years. Yay!

Tongsville - Video
Great site with music videos, commercials and short films. I haven't seen much but the Big Fan video for the Wannadies is great - done by the same director as the upcoming Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy movie.

CensusScope - Site
Cool maps, charts and lists based on 2000 census data.

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January 12, 2005


Cool Cloud Pics - Pics
Awesome pictures of impressive cloud formations.

Cat Pictures - Pics
Pages of some great cat pictures I haven't seen before.

Cat Comic - Pic
This is great.

Posted by brian at 11:15 AM

January 11, 2005


Turntable Options - Site
This seems to be a very good turntable to get at a great price. Now the question is - what color?

Top 20 Movie Trailers - Site
Listing of the top 20 movie trailers. Very good stuff on here - lately I've really liked the Unleashed trailer - very emotionally effective.

Jeep Gladiator - Photos
Sweet! Something to park next to my Wrangler perhaps.

Solar Plastics - Article
Plastics that can harness more energy from the sun than current solar cells. 30% power harnessing vs. current 6%. Interesting quote: "There's enough power from the sun hitting the Earth every day to supply all the world's needs for energy 10,000 times over."

Amazing Cakes - Site
I like the clock cake the best.

Monitor Cleaning - Flash
Does your monitor need cleaning? Use this! (Warning: VERY CUTE!)

Bathtub Etiquette - Image
Japanese (I think) pamphlet on proper bathtub etiquette.

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January 10, 2005


Retro-Future - Site
How the future was perceived many years ago. Lots of pages - great stuff!

Immigrant Obesity - Article
How the U.S. is bad for the waistline of immmigrants

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January 07, 2005


Life In The Year 2000 - Article
What will life be like in the year 2000? As viewed from 1961.

Akiane - Site
Child prodigy in art and poetry. Check out the art section for her very early works - they're amazing for that age.

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January 06, 2005


Starbucks Drinks Simplified - Site
Listing of what goes into every Starbucks drink. I was surprised by the Cinnamon Syrup in the Caramel Apple Cider.

Webcam Search - Video
Fills all your voyeuristic needs! Some cool stuff though - I like looking at some of the Japanese cams and imagining that I am there. Let's go!

Santa Visiting Only Blue States - Video - Direct Link
SNL skit about Santa not liking the red states. haha

Fat Boy Slim Kittens - Video - Direct Link
Music video with kittens.

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January 05, 2005


The Tweel - A Radical New Tire Design - Article
I hope this goes into production soon - I would love to have these on the Jeep.

The Gates - Article
A new art project - the biggest ever - in Central Park. Only on display for part of February though. Looks cool!

Tropical Islands Resort - Site
An indoor tropical island resort south of Berlin, Germany.

Urban Parking Types - Photos
Photos and drawings of the different kinds of urban parking garages.

French McDonalds - Article
Building a McDonalds in France seems to be a bad idea.

Posted by brian at 11:34 AM

January 04, 2005


Eye Of Science - Photos
Amazing microscopic photography.

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January 03, 2005


Last Laugh 04 - Video
Comedy Central take on the genius behind the president. Good stuff.

Don't Dehumanize The Enemy - Article
Interesting editorial warning about the dangers of dehumanizing the enemy. This is happening a lot out there.

100 Things I Didn't Know - Article
From the BBC - a list of 100 things learned in the past year. Lots of very interesting facts sprinkled throughout.

Banished Words - Article
A current list of words and reasons people want certain words/phrases banished. Some good entries in this list.

Collapse of Societies - Article
Op-ed piece on the historical collapse of successful societies. Is America headed in that direction?

Posted by brian at 10:52 AM