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February 24, 2005


Nuclear Power - Video - Direct Link
Video compilation of nuclear bomb tests.

Bike Thief - Video
How easy is it to steal a bike in New York City?

Pay Your Bills - Video
Remember the commercial where the cats spills the spaghetti sauce and it looks like the guy is killing the cat? Here's the original Japanese commercial like that.

Tony's Collection - Images
Wow - can't believe the size of this collection! Good job of displaying though.

Gourmet Salt Reference Guide - Site
Cool - I'm a salt connoisseur!!

World On Fire - Video
Sarah McLachlan video - excellent.

CryptoZoo - Images
Photoshopping nature - some good stuff here.

Twin Cities Restaurant News - Article
Note the location change for Keys. Also - Tonic is gone and will become the blue jeans version of Oceanaire. Interesting. Plus - deli in EP! Wahoo!

Mole Rave - Video - Direct Link
Remember the chicken tennis cell phone commercial? No? This is by the same company. Chickens are at the end. (Alternate Link)

Posted by brian at February 24, 2005 09:24 AM