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April 29, 2005


City Pages - Best Of - Article
The new list of the best of the Twin Cities is out. Lots of ideas for places to go here.

Sponsored Chefs - Article
Wow - I wish I could get a deal like this!

Bush + Saudi = Love - Image
Be sure to read all the headlines on the page. haha!

Posted by brian at 10:56 AM

April 26, 2005


McRorie - Site
Cool - the site about the one-man-band McRorie is finally up again.

Posted by brian at 02:32 PM

April 25, 2005


Orange Commercial - Video
With Darth Vader. Hilarious!

Adidas Soccer Commercial - Video
Pretty cool.

Peugeot Commercial - Video
I think it's commercial day today! This one is great - a guy fantasizes about a life without inconvenience.

Waiters Nauseated By Food - Video
Great comedy sketch.

Cloud Appreciation Society - Site
You should join!

Posted by brian at 09:23 AM

April 21, 2005


Jon Stewart On Oprah - Video
Said some really good things.

Pizza Cutters As Art - Images
Sweet!! I want one!

Posted by brian at 12:57 PM

April 11, 2005


Strib on the Walker - Article
Interesting. Be sure to check out the audio/visual presentation here.

The Pope Sounds Like... - Article
I read it. Heard the audio. Laughed. A lot. Am I in big trouble with the Big Guy now?

Harry Winston Watch - Site
OH MY GOD - I want this watch. So bad. Get it for me???? Please?!?!? It's only $137,000 for the platinum version?

Perpendicular Data - Flash
Cool "School House Rock"-type animation about perpendicular data.

Tiger Woods Chip Shot - Video
Video of the amazing shot Tiger Woods made that helped him win the Masters this past weekend.

Posted by brian at 01:36 PM

April 08, 2005


Seventies Style - Site
Wow - this takes me back...

Life's Greatest Inventions - Article

Color Test - Flash
Can you pass the color test?

Population Maps - Images
Human population concentration throughout history.

Video Camera - Photo
This is the video camera I'm getting. haha

Posted by brian at 08:55 AM

April 06, 2005


Boots - Video
Great commercial

Mega Book Reader - Article
This woman reads 4-5 books a day!

Posted by brian at 02:36 PM

April 05, 2005


How To Talk To Your Kids About Almost Anything - Article

Design Without Reach - Site
Making imitations of expensive items from Design Within Reach.

Twin Cities Happy Hour Specials - Article
We'll have to check some of these out!

How To Get That Perfect Shave - Article
Placing this link for my reference.

Posted by brian at 09:13 AM

April 01, 2005


Global Decline - Article
Interesting article (sad too) about the impact of human activity.

Burger King Breakfast Sandwich - Article
Shouldn't this be illegal? If cigarettes are regulated because they are harmful to your health - shouldn't the fast food industry be as well?????

Posted by brian at 09:45 AM