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May 13, 2005


Select Few Redefine Human Abilities - Article
Interesting article on people who REALLY push the envelope.

$4 A Gallon - Editorial
Rising gas prices are inevitable - what havoc can that wreak on America?

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May 12, 2005


Bird Moonwalk - Video - Real Player
Wow - this bird can dance!

Alinea Experience - Photos
Photos from a dining experience at that new restaurant in Chicago I was telling you about - Alinea

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May 06, 2005


112 Eatery Review - Article
See - we need to go here!

Lonely Planet Guide Downfall - Article
New Yorker article on how the Lonely Planet guides tend to favor the rich vs. the frugal these days. The founder doesn't like it either. Interesting article.

Cracking the Real Estate Code - Article
Why real estate agents don't want you to get a slightly higher price on your house

Oh-My-God Particle - Article
Wow - this sucker travels fast! After traveling one light year, the particle would be only 0.15 femtoseconds--46 nanometres--behind a photon that left at the same time. Plus - time is compressed too.

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May 03, 2005


Steve's Home Theater - Site
Holy crap - check out this home theater!

No Hands - Video
Incredible. Would his disability prevent him from competing in the Olympics?

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