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August 26, 2005


Missing Gnomes Found - Article
Wow - now that's a crime ring!

Posted by brian at 10:28 AM

August 24, 2005


Woman Sues Doctor For Telling Her She's Overweight - Article
This is crazy!

Posted by brian at 10:11 AM

August 22, 2005


Heineken Beer Ad - Video
Cool ad.

Posted by brian at 01:18 PM

August 19, 2005


Month In Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia - Blog
Check out his expenses for a month's worth of travel!

Posted by brian at 01:05 PM

August 18, 2005


Housing Valuations in Metros - Article
A listing of metro housing markets and how over valued they are.

Global Gas Prices - Article
Listing of gas prices around the world. Read some interesting comments on this here.

Color Portrait of English Language - Site
VERY COOL interface.

Posted by brian at 03:50 PM

August 17, 2005


Yay! It's my birthday!

What Small Bookstores Can Do - Article
I agree with a lot of the points the author writes about small bookstores and what they can do to be better.

Stuff On My Cat - Site
Photos of stuff stacked on cats. Some really funny stuff in here.

Wacky Birthing Patent Site
I laugh just thinking about it. Seriously, this involves about four different types of crazy to come up with, let alone patent. I blame all the high-quality sixties acid.

Posted by brian at 02:03 PM

August 16, 2005


Five Men of Voiceovers - Video - Direct Link
Kind of hokey, but interesting to see the men behind the voice.

D'Amico Offering Mexican - Article
This looks VERY interesting...

Posted by brian at 11:11 AM

August 10, 2005


Tipped Off - Article
NYTimes article about abolishing tipping.

Posted by brian at 02:09 PM

August 09, 2005


Wine Rack - Product
We should get this wine rack! haha

Posted by brian at 10:46 AM

August 05, 2005


String Spin - Interactive
Impossible NOT to make something that is cool looking.

Posted by brian at 02:24 PM

August 04, 2005


Stress & The Brain - Article
Very interesting article regarding stress and what it does to the brain.

Mac Tips - Site
This guy recently switched from PC to Mac and keeps adding tips to this website for the Mac OS. Thought you might find some of the tips interesting - definitely a site to check every so often.

Posted by brian at 01:06 PM

August 03, 2005


Alcohol Helps You Think - Article
I'm upping my intake from the occasional glass a day to a definite 2 per day - it's a science experiment!

European City Dart Game - Game
How good are you at locating the cities? I was off by a total of 7772km.

Catnip Explained - Article
This reminds me to give the cats some catnip - they must be jonesing for it!

Posted by brian at 12:26 PM

August 02, 2005


The Cost To Live Well - Article
Cost analysis of various cities for a family of 4 to live as upper middle class. (Why do they all have big vacation homes??)

Posted by brian at 03:31 PM

August 01, 2005


Atkins Bankruptcy - Article
Atkins files for bankruptcy! Ha!

Fat Man Walking - Site
This guy is walking across the U.S. in a quest to lose weight. He has some interesting things to say on the main page.

Posted by brian at 09:15 AM