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September 22, 2005


Treat Me Better Video - Music Video
Cool video done with toy cars

Posted by brian at 03:50 PM

September 21, 2005


Jon Stewart Emmy Speech - Video
Ha!!! (Alternate Link Here)

Crazy Ping Pong - Video
Good skills!

Posted by brian at 10:46 AM

September 20, 2005


Extracting Video From The Brain - Article
Holy cow! Sci-Fi becoming reality.

Giant Pink Bunny - Article
Go hiking - relax on a giant pink bunny.

Posted by brian at 10:05 AM

September 16, 2005


Space Exercising - Video
Two person exercise machine for use in space.

Grizzly Attacks Hikers - Article
Yikes! Happened in Yellowstone. Good thing they had the bear spray.

Birth of Nano - Article
Interesting article on how the iPod Nano came about. Using intuition rather than focus groups.

Canyon Walkway - Image
This is being built on the Grand Canyon. Let's go!!

Goblet of Fire International Trailer - Video
'Nuff said.

Deep Sea Fish - Images
Maybe we'll see these on a sushi menu someday...

Posted by brian at 10:32 AM

September 14, 2005


Earth Video - Video
VERY COOL video of Earth as the Messenger spacecraft leaves orbit. Looks fake, but it's real.

Posted by brian at 02:43 PM

September 13, 2005


Wow - it's been a while. I've been BUSY with the business.

Cross Country Talkers - Article
What a cool idea.

10 Reasons To Eat Local Food - Article
Good points here.

Cold Brew Coffee Verdict - Site
This guy tried a cold brew coffee method and says it's really good.

Posted by brian at 10:11 AM