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October 24, 2006


Creative Advertising - PHotos
Good stuff!

Incredible Father - Article

Logistics Lords - Photos
Wow! Crazy!

Tiny Fast Food - Photos

Dove: evolution - Video
Great commercial.

Wii Experience - Videos
What it's like to play the Wii. Wheeeeee!

Posted by brian at 06:06 PM

October 06, 2006


Scent of the Nile - Article
Very interesting long article on how a perfume scent is created. And wow! Didn't realize how much some of the ingredients cost. $20,000/lb!

Walk on Water - Art
Very cool art installation

53 Version of Girl from Ipanema - Music

Renault Twingo - Car
Twin iPod chargers!

Chocolate Bar in NYC - Article
Next time we're in New York we MUST go here

Latte Art - Photos
I want to start seeing you do this!

Posted by brian at 03:36 PM