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February 23, 2007


Cat Music - Images
Ha - these are great

Mexico City Photos - Photos
Wow! Didn't know there were such cool things there!

Photos From Above - Photos

Posted by brian at 04:25 PM

February 21, 2007


Fast Food With Integrity - Article
Chipotle and their view on organics etc.

Skull Toaster - Product
Rawk your toast!!

Stockholm Subway - Photos
Carved out of rock - cool!

Crossroads From Hell - Video
Yikes! I'm not driving here!

Mining Truck vs. SUV - Video
Wow! Like a pancake!

Giant Transporters - Photos
Didn't realize these were built and then transported.

Posted by brian at 02:42 PM

February 08, 2007


Milk Drops on Coffee - Photos
Very cool! I want to try this sometime.

Deliver Cat - Video
Wow - he's very determined!

Rabbit Vs. Snake - Video
Holy cow! Brave rabbit!

Spontaneous Combustion - Photo
Very cool photo of a lightbulb burning out!

Match Light - Photo
Just struck match.

Sex Shocker - Article
Basic truths of sex. Interesting.

Animated Lunar Phase - Image
Wow - I wonder how they created this.

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February 05, 2007


Awesome Champagne Bottle Aim - Video

Body Fusion - Video
I have the equipment - you should make your own exercise video series!

Frog Kit - Product
Something for your Mac!

Jumping the Tour - Photo
I was telling you about this...

Posted by brian at 11:57 AM