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March 28, 2007


Wisdom Of Children - Article
Ha - I love the first one.

Bargain Surplus Shopping - Article
Nice breakdown of details for each store.

Space Shuttle Assembly - Photos
Wow - didn't know payload was added at launch pad. Cool!

Posted by brian at 01:50 PM

March 27, 2007


3yr old vs. monster - Video

Lifesize Whale - Graphic

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March 09, 2007


Facial Workout - Video
Wow. I don't have the words...

Movie Credits - Image
Visual comparison of movie credit length

Confessions of an Empty Nester - Article
Moved from the burbs to the city

Sleeping Positions - Site
This would be interesting to do.

What Makes It Haute? - Article
Interesting article about $40,000 dresses

Why Apple is the Best Retailer in the U.S. - Article
Holy cow - sales/sft are amazing. Didn't know that.

Freedom Of The Seas - Photos
First time I've seen the inside - can't believe it's a ship!

Posted by brian at 03:23 PM

March 08, 2007


Chocolate Tour - Article
Starting this weekend at some local B&Bs

Country Quiz - Quiz
How many can you name?

Shower Bow - Product
Ha, actually a good idea.

King of the Hypermilers - Article
Gets 100mpg out of a Prius

Posted by brian at 03:23 PM

March 05, 2007


How A Lottery Winner Spends - Article
So many lottery winners are bankrupt soon after winning - nice to read about this guy.

Pro Badminton - Video
Wow! Intense!

Posted by brian at 03:22 PM