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August 23, 2007


Russian Holiday - Article
I think the U.S. should have this holiday!

Internet Define - Image

Multi-Mini Roundabout - Article
Thought it was insane at first but it makes a lot of sense.

NMKY! - Video
That guy on the keyboards in the beginning? Could be me!

Rollerblade Man - Video
Dangerous. Fun!

Posted by brian at 11:03 AM

August 16, 2007


Rubber Ball Man - Video
Kinda funny - probably something I would do.

Japanese Toilet Training - Video
Wow - so bad it's so very funny.

Squirrel Obstacle Course - Video
Ha! I totally want to do this.

World Clock - Flash
Wow - sobering and very interesting information

Dangerous Roads - Images
Another series of interesting roads. Would love to take a sports car on those switchbacks!

In Silicon Valley, Millionaires Don't Feel Rich - Article
Very high average income there!

Richie Rich 101 -
Teaching kids born into wealth how to handle money. Sadly, I didn't go to this school!

Indian Girl skates - Video
Wow - cool trick!

Most affordable real estate markets - Site
Useful info in determining where to live?

Time Lapse Gravity Waves - Video
Cool!! Clouds affected by gravity waves.

Stephen King on Harry Potter - Article
Essay by Stephen King about the Harry Potter series

Rachmaninov had big Hands - Video
Instant Classic!

Posted by brian at 09:17 AM